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Questions for Students and Teachers of Black History

At Black History Review, we pay attention to what you are trying to find. Several teachers have been looking for questions to use in classroom discussions of African-American history. We hope these questions and the information that follows them helps. If you have some you've used effectively, please send them in to and if I can use them, I'll give you credit on the page.

Were slaves ever treated well and fairly?

Yes, but rarely. Phyllis Wheatley's slavery once she arrived in America was more like adoption. She grew up with the Wheatley's own children, learned with them and worshipped with them. When she reached adulthood she was given her freedom. Her story is certainly the exception, but should not be overlooked.

Describe the life of a slave woman.

For older students only
The griefs of slavery were particularly acute for the women. Roots, the story of Frederick Douglass, and Uncle Tom's Cabin all tell us about the degredation of enslaved womanhood. The mistreatment of their wives and daughters was also one of the strongest complaints of male slaves.

Why did blacks and whites develop seperate churches?

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