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About Black History Review

Black History Review was founded in November of 2003, because I, the editor, saw a definite need. A lack of knowledge of history cripples the vast majority of Americans. The statements they make on talk radio, in letters to the newspapers, in questions at Presidential debates and in casual conversation show that most of us don't know our own history.

Add to this general ignorance the unique complications in studying African-American history, and the level of misunderstanding just grows. Some of it stems from the shameful way in which blacks were treated in America. No one really wants to either relive the shame or admit that his group engage in shameful activity.

Others prefer to dredge up select pieces of this history to shame their political or ideological rivals into taking their points of view. They paint entire races with a single stroke, extolling or condemning them for the actions of a few individuals, often individuals long dead.

This site has four purposes.
  • First, to tell the story of African-American acheivement accurately.
  • Second, to honor those Americans who have not received the praise they deserve for their sacrifice and achievement.
  • Third, to inspire all Americans to emulate their noble forbears and avoid the errors of the ignoble.
  • Fourth, to help teachers and other people of influence to pass this knowledge and vision along to others, particularly the next generation.

    If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email me.

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